Tim Goldich

Tim Goldich is an author of blogs, articles and a series of books, starting with: "Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics."

The book’s “radical” premise is this: in the benefits enjoyed and in the liabilities suffered, in the power and in the victimization, in the freedoms and in the constraints, it all balances out between man and woman … and it always has. By helping to promote a general understanding and perception of this balance throughout the culture at large, this book’s ambition is to affect a fundamental gender paradigm shift. 

Tim’s second book in this series will be "Love and Respect in the Past: The History of Gender Equality."

Speaking Topics

Loving Men, Respecting Women in a New Romantic Story

Long ago, woman and man, in unconscious collusion, made up a story so deep in psychic resonance it has stood for millennia. It rules to this day. Rugged looking men vs. angelic looking women, of the baritone voice vs. the dulcet sounds of women, in a system that moves through us right on down to the very core of our being.

The story is of powerful alpha heroes rescuing fair, fragile, innocent “damsels in distress.” It verily crackles with poetry, eros and instinct. Though endearing; the story does not hold up under logical scrutiny. It truly is a great story, except . . . it isn’t true.

Men rule and women resent. Men swagger and women suffer. Men have the power and Women are the victims. What if we opened our minds to a different story, a story that includes the other half of gender reality? What if we shook off the primitive instinctual – and the gender ideology that sprung from it – and listened instead to what our deepest intuition tells us is true?

In this empowering talk, Tim outlines how the sexes are, and have always been equal but not the same. Imagine a world where the gender dance is a woman and a man as equal partners. The two sexes, each through their own separate ways, ply an equal overall force of influence in life and are thus equally responsible for the outcomes: at times, women less respected and men less loved. Imagine a world where men are loved and women respected.

It All Balances Out – A New World for the Gender Equalist

The recent escalation of the age-old “battle of the sexes” into something like a "war" is unnecessary and uncalled for. Current levels of inter-sex rancor, resentment, victimhood and vengeance are caused mainly by current gender politics.

In this mind-opening and confronting talk, author and speaker Tim Goldich points audiences toward solution through ending gender politics with gender reality.

Hot topics for lively and engaging discussion:

  • Each gender enjoys powers, privileges, and exemptions in equal measure.
  • The costs each sex pays for their respective privileges are costs that come out even.
  • There is no legitimate basis for woman and man’s inter-sex envy and bitterness.

How can this be true in a world so divided among gender lines? Tim Goldich shows you how in this powerful presentation that makes both sides feel equally upset and equally vindicated.

Finding Peace in a Divisive World

Where can we find the peace in a world so divided among gender lines? Just ask Tim Goldich, author of Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics.

For those who’ve come to a deep understanding of gender reality in its entirety, as seen from both sides, all certainty in the contest for most victimized and powerless evaporates. What remains once the battle of the sexes is over?

  • Harmony
  • Mutual respect
  • Understanding
  • Peace

Any takers?

Believing that the neither side of the gender gap is more light, more happy, more fulfilled or more free, Tim asserts that its time to set victim and vengeance aside and finally call it a draw. “Calling it even” is the healthiest, most sustainable, most constructive destination to which gender politics can aspire. In this empowering talk, Tim shows each gender the way to draw up that peace treaty, as he believes we might as well be that magnanimous about it.

What have we really got to lose … except our gender illusions?

What have we got to gain … but an equal partnership wherein each gender can speak their peace with joined blessing, afterward, laughing and crying and negotiating together?

Speaking Engagements

  • National Coalition For Men 30-Year Conference – San Diego, September 2017
  • Kuepel Center, Chicago. Showing of “The Red Pill” – December 2016
  • Goshen College – Goshen, Indiana – March 2015
  • The ManKind Project, Chicago – Loving Men, Respecting Women – November 2011
  • Oakton College, Illinois, “Men’s Day” – November 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • Special events in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa

“If there is to be a future of peace between the sexes, it will be one where men and women come back together in the way Tim envisions – in love, healing and acceptance of our gendered imperfections and strengths.”   ~ Karen Straughan

“Tim Goldich has a clear and profound message of real equality between men and women, which he delivers with confidence and eloquence.  His notion of ‘it all balances out’ offers us a genuine hope and vision of an end to 50 years of gender rancor and resentment.”   ~ David Shackleton